Higher Education plays a vital role in preparing young people to face real world challenges. It is a decisive factor to find the first job in academia and industry, amongst others. With time moving on and changes happening even faster, many individuals/young people/recent graduates try to find their own ways in competitive environments. The growing number of kick-start projects and start-ups as well as funding calls and investors willing to fund innovative and promising ideas are just some examples supporting this tendency.

Innovation is essential not only to develop new businesses but also to boost existing ones in order to gain a competitive advantage. The current dynamic demands from markets require constant efforts in innovation. We are, hence, inviting speakers with a variety of backgrounds all of whom share commonalities regarding their career path. At some point in their lives each and every one of them started to think out of the box to become a 'Change Maker'.

We are looking forward to hearing about how to make decisions that one will not regret. In this regard, different speakers will share their approach to innovation and start-ups and incentivise discussions. These are going to cover aspects such as required key skills, to face new endeavours and grow from being an employee to being an employer.
It is the time to think about including entrepreneurial aspects in today's Higher Education schemes in order to allow all graduates to be well prepared for their professional future, as an employee and/or future employer.

TU Vienna